• Every time we allow an illegal immigrant to stay in the U.S., it is a slap in the face to the foreigners who worked their butts off to come and live here legally.
  • Every time we allow an illegal immigrant to stay in the U.S., it significantly drains the resources of the community in which that…

I’m from Texas and I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think, “Wow, that kid is getting a free lunch. I worked WAY too hard to have a lunch.” These people aren’t trying to get in to cause a bunch of trouble - they’re fleeing violence and poverty. People need to quit being so shallow about comparing their own experiences and focus on what’s happening now to these people. This isn’t about us - it’s about them and what we as Americans and human beings are willing to do to help each other out. The United States was founded by immigrants. The United States has thrived on immigration. However, these people aren’t immigrants, they’re refugees and that makes it all the more important to take care of them and provide them with adequate care as best as we can. Those little children that are going across the border by themselves aren’t terrorists - they are being sent over here to escape poverty and violence as a second chance that their parents might not get. 

You completely missed my point. Not all communities have resources for the influx of extra people. 

I live in Arkansas, and we experienced this situation on a much smaller scale after Hurricane Katrina. How I feel about the situation is completely irrelevant if my city does not have the money to provide teachers, childcare, meals, etc. for these extra children. In this case, no one wins. The city goes broke, the city’s residents have to adapt to a lower standard of living, and the refugees moving into the city are sidelined because the city literally cannot take care of them.

My town didn’t have the infrastructure to deal with the refugees that escaped Katrina in 2005, and we’re still playing catch-up nearly a decade later. As a result, EVERYONE’S standard of living has gone downhill. I don’t resent them for coming here; they were escaping a horrible situation. But I’d be an idiot not to recognize how the current crisis will affect the southwest US after seeing how this changed my own community—and that was with refugees that payed taxes.

I’m asking you to be considerate to BOTH sides of the argument. It’s really easy to see refugee kids and take their side, but if you only see their tears you’re blinding yourself to some much larger issues. 

Okay, I see your point. I guess living in a higher middle class city has kind of blinded me to the struggles of other cities. Many apologies. :)


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